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Offer customers a personalized support experience by assisting
them right in all their queries and purchase decisions

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Minimize wait times

Increase turnaround times on tickets by minimizing wait times on phone calls and emails with an intelligent chatbot. Serve up instant automated responses to customers on the messenger platforms they most prefer.

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Provide Instant Resolutions

Instant resolutions for commonly experienced queries through automated responses. Our intelligent chatbot understands user’s queries and then offers the best responses assisted by the machine learning algorithm.

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Equip your agents

Let your agents focus on high priority tickets that need immediate attention. Chatbot takes care of common queries and can also resolve tickets at scale by responding to multiple conversations simultaneously.

Engage customers, generate leads and turn website traffic into
revenue with a chatbot that knows how to sell

Get the conversation started

Be aware of traffic intention as chatbot begins a conversation with customers on their buying preferences. Share proactive updates like special offers and deals of the day with website visitors.

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The rise of conversion rates

Offer a personalized user experience in every conversation. Understand the pain points customers are looking to solve and let chatbot offer them the solutions that best suit their needs.

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No question left unanswered

Connect your most used messenger platforms with the chatbot and never let tickets go unanswered. Agents can use the chat suite inbox to respond to queries from Facebook, instagram, whatsapp, website and even in -application queries.

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Humanize the chatbot. Experience auto-route conversations to the right team and help agents resolve tickets faster with one click responses.

Auto connect customers to the right team

The intelligent chatbot recognizes subject matter and uses contextual auto routing and assigns the respective ticket to the right team member. Agents have access to the entirety of past conversations helping them carry forward the conversation to a better resolution.

A Hybrid AI agent to assist your team

The hybrid AI agent helps your team offer customers the right response. Powered by a custom machine learning algorithm, it understands user queries and offers one click response templates based on subject matter.

Engage customers on their favorite platforms, access data driven reports for business growth and connect your favourite third party application with chat suite

Multiple integrations one chat suite

Create a five star customer experience by integrating all your third party applications with Kapture. Keep productivity afloat. Avoid switching between multiple software, with over 500+ integrations we can help you connect your most important platforms with our chat suite

Cross channel deployment

Engage customers on the messenger they prefer. Offer instant support and send engaging notifications helping you create a stellar customer experience. The omnichannel feature ensures collecting queries from multiple platforms into one inbox

Insightful reports that drive business growth

Our customized reporting feature gives you access to the metrics that drive growth. Pick and choose the KPI’S that matter the most and generated automated reports on the chatbot's performance in all it’s interactions

Improve customer satisfaction

Provide a personalized experience to your customers in every interaction. Be available for them 24/7 through an automated chatbot that resolves all their doubts and queries instantly

Build customer

Having a base of satisfied customers who know that your support team is just a chat away increases customer loyalty. Watch retention rates improve as customers choose you over competition

Cost effective, qualitative support

Let your support agents focus on existing high priority tickets by offering quality support. Cut down costs by using a smart chatbot that uses natural language processing to understand human intent and respond to customer queries in a flash

Improve Customer Satisfaction

An intelligent chatbot that creates flawless customer experience

The all in one chat suite that helps you get that winning edge