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Chat API

Connect all your data sources and integrate the third-party applications you use to Kapture Chat using our robust APIs, boosting customer support experiences. Our powerful APIs are made specifically to help you go live faster and be fully flexible.


To integrate with the third party Chabot to create the tickets in Kapture. Title to be mandatory field to create a ticket.

Note: Please use the POST Method to use these parameters

Ticket Push API for Chat

API Configuration

  • Click on configuration > Partner configuration > API’s configurations > Select Ticket API > Click on Ticket Push API > enter the API name to create API request and Key expiry date
  • Select Mandatory required fields along with additional required parameters to generate the URL
  • Each API request will be created along with “Auth Key” to pass the URL
Chat API 1 Chat API 2 Chat API 3

Sample Request URL


Data Format

      "title":"can i know the products details",

Success Response

         "due_date":"2020-07-07 00:00:00",
         "title":"can i know the products details",
         "Ticket Id":"5940425136",

Failure Response

   "Message": "title is missing",
   "Status": "failed"

Error Messages

Error Messages Description
AuthKeyInvalid Please use correct Authkey
ServerFailure Server error while processing this request
ReqFieldMissing Mandatory field missing
APIExpired API Request is Expired

Additional Notes

  • While pushing the data to Kapture required field to be given properly, field mapping to be proper when integrating with 3rd party apps
  • You must have permission to access API service
  • You must have a valid Auth Key to send the Request. The Auth key should not be expired