ChatBot & Security: Things you Need to Know

Chatbot & Security
Chatbot & Security
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AI Chatbots have seen a considerable rise over the past few years. Now with the second wave of pandemic hitting the market again, businesses are completely adopting conversational support with machine learning and AI-driven chatbots that are available 24*7 for resolving customer queries. 

But this new technology comes with high responsibilities and cyber-security risks. Therefore, there are some very important chatbot security measures you need to know. Chatbots like Kapture Chat have already implemented necessary security practices to protect sensitive customer data and business information. 

Chatbot Security Concerns: Are Chatbots Vulnerable?

Vulnerability is one of the growing security issues AI Chatbots have. They may be easily exploited by hackers. Cybercriminals often use Chatbots to steal sensitive data and threaten businesses. The main purpose of these malicious bots is to acquire personal information and corporate data. As AI technology is becoming more powerful, malicious bots can even misuse human speech technology and cause social engineering attacks. 

Threats are yet another Chatbot security issue. Threats mean the ways that a system can be compromised. These can include spoofing, tampering, information disclosure, the elevation of privileges, privacy hacking, repudiation, etc. just after an attack, hackers can threaten businesses to expose their sensitive information on the deep web. 

Essential tips to enhance chatbot security

But today, with advanced technology businesses do not have to worry as several chatbot security measures will keep your boat safe and secured. Here are some of the chatbot security measures you need to know before deploying an AI Chatbot for your business. 

  1. End-to-End Encryption

The first and foremost tip to enhance chatbot security is to have End-to-End encryption. This will ensure that the conversation that chatbots carry out is safely encrypted. Chatbots are highly advanced and they can be integrated into multiple social media channels like Slack, Telegram Facebook, etc. therefore, E2EE allows bots to connect to channels that support encryption of data. 

These days, most companies provide extra attention to data encryption and secure their chatbots from malicious threats. E2EE encryption also helps chatbots to have a chance to broaden their presence to multiple secure channels and provide support seamlessly. 

  1. Identity and Access Management

Yet another essential tip to enhance chatbot security is to follow the concept of identity and access management. Identification, authentication, and authorization are three important chatbot security measures you need to know. By authentication, you can easily verify the user’s login credentials which will be further exchanged for an authentication token. 

One of the significant security measures that chatbots use is authentication timeouts. Two-factor authentication is another way of verifying a user’s identity. Along with login credentials, users will also receive an email or SMS notification with a code that can be used as a second authentication factor. This will ensure that only the right person has access to sensitive information. 

  1. Self- Destructive Message

A very powerful security feature that most chatbots deploy is self-destructive messages. Whenever a user provides their personal information or identifiable information, a self-destructive message comes into use. This information is highly sensitive and can pose a serious threat to users’ privacy. With self-destructive messages, these sensitive data can be destroyed or deleted within a set of periods. 

These are some of the prominent chatbot security measures to be considered while deploying an AI Chatbot. Personalization and customized support are always important for enhancing CX, but privacy is also an important factor to consider. Therefore, while choosing an AI Chatbot for your business ensure that it is highly secured and has all the necessary security measures. 

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