Contextual Support: A Great Way To Keep the Essence of the Conversation

Contextual switching - A great way to keep the essence of conversation
Contextual switching – A great way to keep the essence of conversation
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Customer service has evolved tremendously over the past few decades. Today it is not just about calling a customer on the phone or writing an email. Conversational AI powered by artificial intelligence and machine learning capabilities rules the customer support sector. With AI Chatbots and Live Chat options, businesses can provide uninterrupted customer service across multiple platforms. 

In a bid to provide seamless customer service, enterprises are implementing cutting-edge technologies like Kapture Chat into their business intelligence strategies. What customers need today are contextual and meaningful conversations. 

“86% of customers are willing to pay more for a better customer experience” – Supper Office. 

How Contextual Conversation is Changing Customer Support?

Each customer has different types of queries. It is the responsibility of enterprises to cater to every customer’s needs and demands. By leveraging contextual data, chatbots can easily provide support with the flow of relevant information and timely responses. It is the best way to create a healthy client-customer relationship and a loyal customer base.

The contextual conversation is nothing but meaningful conversation based on the specific query of customers. It includes all the relevant information and data that the customer requested for negating unnecessary questions and interactions. This is the key to enhancing the customer experience strategy for your business. 

What Are Contextual Chatbots?

Today, it doesn’t matter how powerful your chatbot is. What matters is the underlying technology that can solve the right set of problems at the right time. By leveraging artificial intelligence and machine learning AI Chatbots like Kapture Chat have become more personalized, contextual, and relevant. Deep learning technologies allow it to think from the user perspective and provide service accordingly.

This is how contextual chatbots work. They are the advanced chatbots that figure out the intent behind a customer query or interaction. With Natural Language Processing(NLP) Chatbots have become more intuitive and intelligent. Contextual switching is something that is neglected when a chatbot is being designed. But contextual chatbots are capable of catering to various types of customer queries. 

What Makes Contextual Chatbots So Special?

Contextual Chatbot is special because it drives in good CSAT score. It understands the essence of conversion and reverts with the same sentiments and behavior according to the intention of the user, giving it a human touch. Contextual Chatbots remember the previous conversation and queries of the customer, later reverts based on it presenting a more thoughtful, accurate answer. 

For instance, if the conversation is regarding a restaurant. The customer might enter a particular category of cuisines or asks for suggestions. In such a case, the chatbot understands the context of the conversation and saves the first entered data, that is the type of restaurant as the context. 

Yet another salient feature of a contextual chatbot is its ability to pop up at the right place at the right time. AI Chatbots on websites target website visitors and suggest products based on their preferences and search history. By providing the right information at the right time, Chatbots can easily increase your business’s conversion rate. 

When a customer on your website clicks on a loan button or any link, the intuitive chatbot stores that information and starts sharing interactive content related to finance and loan options to the particular customer. 

Once a visitor lands on your website, they might want to quickly get their hands on the desired product. If they are unable to find the same even after navigation, they might leave your website and never return. This is where your AI Chatbots come in. A contextual chatbot guides your website users to their preferred products and services. By providing the right service and initiating a good interaction, Chatbots can even turn your visitor into a potential customer. 

Sensing a perfect message at the right time, regarding the right product, to your targeted audience can make a lot of difference. That’s what contextual chatbots do. Therefore, while choosing a chatbot for your industry, always go for the best like Kapture Chat, which provides contextual, personalized support, with flexible pricing plans, suiting your business models. 

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