Chatbot or live chat? What should you choose for your business?

Live chat vs chatbot | Features & benefits - Kapture Chat
Live chat vs chatbot | Features & benefits – Kapture Chat
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Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning have transformed the way businesses engage with their customers and leads. Enterprises are rapidly shifting from transactional to conversational relationships in a bid to meet changing customer trends and demands. With the emergence of AI chatbots, businesses are getting innovative when it comes to building strong relationships with customers. 

Oracle says, “80% of businesses want chatbots as they are beginning to see the benefits of using chatbots for their customer-based products.” But, are you implementing a chat solution just to be in the race? Or is there a difference between using Live Chat and Chatbot?

Chatbot vs Live Chat 

While live chat has been in use for quite some time now, chatbots are relatively new in this arena. Both the communication channels help in delivering unique customer experiences for users by providing quick answers, so they don’t have to wait for an email or jump on the phone. 

Why is live chat important?

With Live Chat, you can get real-time support by connecting with sales and customer support representatives. It is the most preferred proactive channel as it offers real-time support. 70% of consumers prefer to live chat, and nearly two-thirds of customers who engage with a chat platform are more likely to return to a website and purchase again. 

It is an integral part of a successful customer service toolkit that gives the highest customer satisfaction as compared with email and phone. First response time or average resolution time can be improved by using the live chat option. 

One of the main reasons why enterprises prefer live chat is because sales and support agents can handle complex, unusual queries and requests in a better way. This is a reason why some customers prefer live chat as well. 

Why are chatbots important? 

Chatbot applications are of utmost importance to customer-centric enterprises in this digital world. They streamline interaction between people and services effectively and enhance the customer experience. Chatbots foster the aspect of customer loyalty and improved customer experience by providing personalized experiences and quick, accurate customer engagements across sales, service, and marketing. Chatbots thus offer companies novel opportunities to improve their customer engagement as well as enhance operational efficiency.  

According to a chatbot report prepared by Ubisend, “21% of consumers see chatbots as the easiest way to contact business”

One of the significant reasons why businesses opt for a chatbot is because Bots can engage customers efficiently 24*7 and provide real-time solutions. By answering common queries and providing instant accurate responses, chatbots increase boost CSAT rate. Chatbots like Kapture Chat are designed to be present everywhere. With Omnichannel capabilities, Chatbots can easily integrate queries from multiple platforms onto a centralized location and provide resolutions without missing anything. 

Therefore, Chatbots are interactive as well as have natural language processing (NLP), machine learning capabilities that help companies in enhancing their customer experience. This is the major reason why most customer-centric enterprises use chatbots for their customer support operations. 

Chatbot vs Live Chat – Which one to choose for your Business?

With technological advancements and innovations, chatbots like Kapture Chat, with machine learning capabilities are reigning in the market with its features like integration, multi-tasking, etc. Live Chat on the other hand has been a time-tested strategy in the customer support field and has helped in improving the customer experience of many businesses across the world. When it comes to choosing, it completely depends upon your business intelligence strategies and needs. It is always best to analyze what suits your business, what gap should be filled initially, and then invest.

Live chatAI chatbot
Interactions are managed by human agents. Machine-learning driven automatic responses
Less efficiency and productivity of agents as they can only attend to a handful of customers at a time.Can interact with any number of customers at a given point in time.
Personalized, real-time responses Chatbots can also deliver contextual, personalized interactions.
Limited by languageAI chatbot can interact with people in any preferred language.
May increase customer wait times Reduces customer wait times by providing them with instant responses 
Live Chat vs AI Chatbot

In a bid to go that extra mile in providing complete customer experience businesses today leveraging every technology to establish their brand identity in this competitive market. Therefore, it is always best to choose an all-in-one software like Kapture Chat which provides business with Live Chat features, AI-driven chatbots, and Hybrid AI agents. If you want to know how Kapture Chat can help you in driving your customer support to heights of success,

 click here to book a demo with us and streamline your sales and customer support operations. 

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