Chatbot: Expectations vs. Reality

Chatbot - Expectations vs Reality
Chatbot – Expectations vs Reality
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In this digital era, AI-driven virtual assistance has an integral role to play. AI chatbots can be easily deployed on mobile apps, websites, and multiple messaging platforms. It’s no wonder these virtual assistants have been the hot topic of discussion in the business world for over a few years.  

AI Assistants are not a buzzword today, but a reality. Conversation AI has changed the facet of customer support sectors today with its machine learning tools and artificial intelligence technologies. 

Chatbots like Kapture Chat have taken over the customer support sector with a mission to provide delightful customer experiences across verticals. AI chatbots and virtual assistants have been in the limelight since their inception. Since then, there have been several myths and assumptions lingering around the novel concepts in the market like artificial intelligence, human-like chatbots, etc. 

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Chatbots for Delightful Customer Experience

Gartner “70% of customer interactions will involve emerging technology, such as chatbots or machine-learning applications, by 2022.” Gartner predicts

Chatbots are not a new concept. It is a software program that initiates and carries out a conversation with a human. In the business world, AI Chatbots are virtual assistants that help customers with their queries, orders, etc in every phase of their customer journey. 

With the advent of technologies like artificial intelligence and Natural language processing, AI Chatbots became more smarter and functional providing a delightful customer experience across platforms for businesses. Technology is soaring at such a pace where conversational AI and Chatbots are not just an option for businesses but an inevitable part of their business intelligence model. 

Conversational AI: Myth Versus Reality

Disillusionment and skepticism are common when a new technology comes into the market. The hype and curiosity around Chatbots and conversational support have brought with them a fair share of misinformation regarding its capabilities to use cases. Let’s burst some of the most common myths around AI Chatbots and unveil the reality. 

  • AI Chatbots Provide Robotic Interactions and Fails To Cater to Human Emotions

The most common misunderstanding people have about Chatbot is that it fails to add the human touch to customer interactions. But Chatbots like Kapture Chat bursts these myths by providing a platform that is intuitive and efficient. 

By deploying technologies like Natural Language Processing and machine learning Chatbots understand the language and context of conversations. It provides relevant inputs that cater to customer needs and the context of conversations adding a bit of human touch to it.

  • Chatbots Are Highly Expensive

A common misconception that clouds our perceptions when it comes to advanced technology is that they are highly expensive to deploy and result in a loss of business revenue. But in reality, Chatbots like Kapture Chat have flexible chat plans for enterprises of all sizes.

With Chatbot, businesses can reduce their operational costs by boosting agent productivity and controlling their customer support resources. Therefore, Chatbots are not expensive to deploy rather scarves your business revenue for the long haul.

  • Operates on Manually Coded Rules

Earlier Chatbots were strictly rule-based and operated on structured manually coded rules and frameworks. They worked on pre-set rules and could only manage simple, straightforward interactions. 

Today technology has advanced so much that conversational AI Chatbots are capable of holding natural conversations by using data from previous conversations or learning. It improves itself every single day. It can also detect spelling mistakes, grammatical errors and provide contextual responses to customer queries. 

  • Constantly Change Rules and Difficult To Manage

Artificial intelligence and machine learning might sound complicated and confusing but in reality, Chatbots are flexible and easy to install. Chatbots like Kapture Chat are data-powered bots and it is easy to train and update them whenever necessary. 

Conversational AI chatbots can turn customer engagements into delightful experiences and this is one of the many benefits of Chatbots. AI Chatbots are absolutely industry-agonistic, and cognitive Chatbots like Kapture Chat can transform the way you communicate with your customers and ensure a high CSAT rate.

To know more about our intelligent chat suite, book a demo with us now. 

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