Benefits of Chatbots for Startups and Small Enterprises

Chatbots for startups
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In a bid to keep up with changing customer needs and demands, businesses are increasingly deploying AI chatbots into their workflows. Did you know that according to ClickZ, the global chatbot market is projected to grow up to $994 million by 2024? But what can chatbots do? Chatbots are online chat platforms used to communicate via text or text-to-speech. They are driven by powerful AI and machine learning technologies. AI chatbots like Kapture Chat leverage NLP (natural language processing) abilities to have human-like conversations with customers. 

Chatbots for small businesses

The usage of Chatbots for startups and small businesses is quite prevalent across many industries these days. But the question remains – “how can small businesses use chatbots?”.

An intelligent chatbot is the most important purchase that a small business can make. The bot can not only help bring in new customers to small businesses but also help them with low cost customer care support. Before startups or small businesses purchase AI bots it is important to understand “why small businesses need chatbots to become successful”.

Here are a few benefits of Chatbots for SMEs and Startups 

  1. They help in increasing customer onboarding rates

With instant solutions and answers to customer queries and contextual responses to their problems artificially intelligent bots handle all of this in a smooth manner that allows no error. Their ability to understand complex queries and handle those complex issues in a smooth manner is a huge advantage for the businesses.This shows that the business is efficient even though it’s a small business. This not only leads to customer satisfaction but also ultimately leads to an increase in customer onboarding rates.

  1. Bots enable round the clock availability

Did you know that according to Drift, consumers view “24 hour service” as a major benefit of having chatbots available for the online services that they use. Having a 24/7 service chatbot that caters to customer needs at all hours helps businesses grow. This helps small businesses eliminate the possibility of customer queries going unanswered or unattempted. 

  1. Reduces customer care costs

Since almost all small businesses are just starting out and have limited funding it is important for them to make pocket friendly decisions. According to a report by IBM, Chatbots can help businesses save up to 30% on their customer support costs. AI chatbots like Kapture chat also have round robin scheduling abilities that make sure no customer query goes unattended. And chatbot for small businesses is a low cost customer support tool that is not only budget friendly but is also efficient. 

  1. AI bots increase customer retention

According to Statista, about 64% of businesses view chatbots as a means to provide a more personalised customer support experience for their customers. Since AI bots have a hold over natural language processing and contextual understanding it becomes easy for them to cater to customers with a touch of personalization and customization. This tends to increase customer retention which is very important for small businesses.

  1. AI Chatbots increase profitability 

Using money saving tools like Chatbots for customer care support helps minimize on help desk expenses. Chatbots for small businesses are cost-efficient tools unlike the traditional methods of customer care that require huge investments on infrastructure and maintenance. This bots increase customer satisfaction, customer retention and onboarding and also enable low cost customer acquisition all of which help in increasing profitability.

To know more about how Chatbots are revolutionizing help desk support in small businesses click here for a demo.

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