5 Important Chat Metrics To Keep in Mind While Evaluating Your Conversational Support

5 Important Chat Metrics To Keep in Mind While Evaluating Your Conversational Support
5 Important Chat Metrics To Keep in Mind While Evaluating Your Conversational Support
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Today conversational support is changing the facet of customer experience and it is increasing the chance of building real connections with your audience. Live Chat and AI Chatbot are transforming the entire customer experience on your website. Chat suites like KaptureChat provide a Live Chat option, facilitating high-level engagement with your audience, serving them with personalized customer support across all platforms. The results are, more leads, more revenue, more sales, and a good loyal customer base. 

5 Important Chat Metrics for Conversational Support

  1. First Response Time (FRT) Live Chat Metric 

The first metric is the time agents take to get back to the customer’s initial message. FRT is important because it usually sets the first impression about your support team and customer support in your customer’s mind. How fast you reply, shows how prepared your team is to deal with instant demands and issues received from the customer ends. 

On an average basis, the First Time Response is 15 minutes. But agents can try their best to lower this number which will result in an exceptional customer experience. It is extremely important for companies to reduce their FRT to enhance their customer engagement strategies. Therefore, it is one of the most important metrics for conversational support. 

  1. Customer Satisfaction Score (CSAT) Live Chat Metric 

For any customer-centric enterprise, the CSAT score is the most important metric. It measures how much your products and services meet or even surpass your customer’s expectations as well as demands. The best way to calculate CSAT scores is by collecting feedback from customers with a questionnaire at the end of the Live Chat. By asking them how satisfied they were with the service provided, helps companies in improvising their support and fill the gap. 

In a Live Chat option, you can easily display the questionnaire right after the interaction, by email, phone call, a fill-up form in social media, etc. all these give you a glimpse of your customer engagement strategies.

  1. First Contact Resolution Rate(FCR) Live Chat Metric 

FCR measures the time your agent needs to resolve the customer’s queries or requests on the first go. It is a necessary metric to determine how efficient your Live Chat option is. The FCR might not touch sky-highs since customer demands and expectations are highly dynamic in nature. But maintaining a good FCR helps you create a good brand identity in the market. 

In order to calculate the First Contact Response, you just have to track the number of interactions in a particular case and the proportion of one-touch responses made. Asking customers for feedback about the agent service is one of the best KPI to improve this number. 

  1. Total Number of Chats – Live Chat Metric 

This key chat metric is necessary to improve customer service and support. It shows how many successful chat sessions your agents had from the total amount of chats. Your support team is delivering effective and satisfactory customer service if the number of engaged chats is high. 

With the total number of chats, you can monitor the most frequent issues your customers face or if there’s any flaw or gap that has to be necessarily fixed. If you see a recurrent topic popping up on your Live Chat pages, the best KPI would be to try and understand the issue in a more straightforward manner and solve it. Kapture Chat’s Live Chat option provides a FAQ option to optimize support services and gain accurate inputs. 

  1. Net Promoter Score( NPS) Live Chat Metric 

One of the best indicators to measure customer loyalty all time is the Net Promoter Score (NPS). NPS shows an estimate of likely your current customer would be willing to make a referral of you to their network. You can also ask other complementary questions, through an index range from 0 to 10, to check their satisfaction with the product, brand, and support. 

The categories depending upon the range are:

  • The Detractors – 0-6
  • The Passives – 7 and 8
  • The Promoters – 9 and 10 

These are the best 5 Live chat performance metrics for conversational support that will help your company in providing the best customer experience to your customers. Deploy Kapture Chat now and scale your customer service to the next level.

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