Chatbot that can Efficiently Call APIs

Chatbot that can Efficiently Call APIs
Chatbot that can Efficiently Call APIs
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As 2021 kicked off, we entered another era of advanced technology with machine learning, and artificial intelligence-powered Chatbots reigned in the customer support sector. With the re-shift to remote working culture, conversational support has become a convenient option for businesses to manage support operations seamlessly. Today, Chatbots have become more user-friendly and intelligent with advanced technologies like API integrations. 

In this digital data-driven era API is not just a buzzword but a reality that has changed the business interface for the better. Thanks to advanced technology, even Chatbots are integrated with Application Programming Interface which helps them to connect and communicate with multiple applications. With API integrations Chatbots have become more efficient and help businesses in providing enhanced customer experiences worldwide. 

Chatbots like Kapture Chat facilitate customers with an intuitive, intelligent, and contextual chatbot that can be integrated with your CRM and provides seamless integration with multiple applications like WhatsApp

What is Chatbot API?

A Chatbot Application Programming Interface offers developers various features to build chatbots. The major purpose of Chatbot API is that they help in combining Natural Language Processing (NLP) which makes your chatbots more intuitive and contextual. They take in the request, interpret the meaning of the message, and seamlessly deliver the response based on the context. 

Chatbot also requires an API as a computing interface that helps you to communicate with the backend system and multiple applications efficiently. AI Chtabots like Kapture Chat make it easier for businesses to get hold of user’s data which is procured from different channels. With chatbot API integration businesses can easily fetch relevant data from other applications to provide accurate responses to customer queries. 

Significance of Chatbot API Integrations

Chatbot APIs are of utmost importance when it comes to streamlining your business flow and managing support operations seamlessly. Here are some of the major features and significance of API integration for Chatbots. 

  1. Extract Order Information 

One significant benefit of chatbot API integration is that it can easily extract all the necessary information related to your orders whenever necessary and display it in the chat window ensuring a satisfying customer interaction.

Imagine if a customer needs information about their order during the chat. If your chatbots have API integration then the information will be readily available on the chat window and customers don’t need to switch between other applications or websites for the same. 

  1. Plug-In With Self-Serve

Modern-day customers don’t want to waste their valuable time in long chats or calls to get solutions for their simple queries. That’s the reason over 70% of customers use self-serve portals, which provide them instant resolutions. 

What chatbot APIs do is provide a plugin with self-serve portals and respond to customers’ FAQs instantly without wasting a second of their time. Along with enhancing customer experience, it also helps in turning your website visitors into potential customers, by providing them with what they want at the right time.   

  1. Order Modification 

Imagine a customer is reaching out to you via chatbot and wishes to make specific modifications in his ongoing order. With an efficient Chatbot API, they can easily make changes to their order right from their chat window. As your chatbot seamlessly extracts all the necessary information with API, customers can make changes, reschedule delivery dates, or even cancel their order if necessary. 

  1. Extract And Display Product Information 

Along with extracting order information, with API integration Chatbots can also extract certain product details and images, whenever a customer raises a request and displays it in the chat window. The customer doesn’t have to navigate through other links or websites to get the details of a specific product. The chatbot will automatically extract all the information that the customer requires and make their customer journey smooth and easy. 

Chatbot APIs are efficient enough to extract all the necessary information your customer needs from the back end and seamlessly provide it to them instantly. These are a few reasons why API integration is necessary for your AI Chatbots. It makes them more efficient, contextual, and intuitive ensuring a delightful customer experience anytime from anywhere. Also, providing delightful CX Chatbots can also boost your business sales and ROI. 

If you want an AI Chatbot that is intelligent, contextual, and intuitive then click here to book a demo with Kapture Chat now. Don’t forget to check out our pricing plans that are flexible enough to suit businesses of all sizes. 

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