Building a Customer Loyalty Chatbot to Increase Customer Retention

Building a Customer Loyalty Chatbot to Increase Customer Retention
Building a Customer Loyalty Chatbot to Increase Customer Retention
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“Sir/Mam, How may I assist you today?

Sure we would love to do that for you!

Please provide your valuable feedback”

These are the lines that every customer would love to hear while interacting with a brand via chatbots. These delightful messages help in building a bunch of loyal customers and increase customer retention. 

Even though your business’s customer acquisition rate is showing an increase, the retention rate might be decreasing. The major reason behind this is that your customers aren’t getting the appreciation and value they deserve. Customers want a gratifying and delightful experience. If they get that they will return to appraise you for your recognition boosting your customer retention rate. 

Today, chat suites like Kapture Chat offer a contextual and intuitive chatbot that helps your business in boosting your retention rate. 

Role of chatbots in customer retention

Chatbots have a significant role in enhancing customer retention by providing them 24*7 accurate service. Imagine that a customer is navigating through your website, an efficient chatbot can initiate questions related to products and support offers. For instance, “What are you looking for today” can be a delightful ice-breaking line to capture your customer’s attention. 

Not only it determines the purpose of the visit but also establishes a touch of personalization and trust with the customer and further encourages them to share their information. 

How chatbots can boost the customer retention rate?

A study by Harvard Business Review shows that by increasing customer retention rate your business profit increases by 25% to 95%. Here are some of the ways by which you can enhance customer retention through chatbots. 

  1. Omnichannel Customer Engagement

With multiple social media platforms available, customers today choose their preferred medium of communication while interacting with brands. Therefore, businesses are leveraging multiple channels to reach out to their customers. Chatbots can now integrate with channels like Facebook, WhatsApp, websites, and mobile applications to assist customers in locating their products and finding answers to their queries, offering an omnichannel customer engagement.

By deploying machine learning and natural language processing (NLP), omnichannel bots understand and retain the context providing customers consistent and meaningful support across a host of channels. Such a wholesome experience helps reduce churn and boost retention.

  1. MultiLingual Chatbot

If you have a wide customer bandwidth that spans regions and time zones, a multilingual chatbot like Kapture Chat is a necessity. By deploying a multilingual chatbot users can interact with customers using their preferred language of communication. Businesses can easily accelerate their localization efforts by understanding regional nuances and cultural subtleties. 

A multilingual chatbot along with delighting your customers can also turn into a customer retention chatbot especially for e-commerce businesses. 

  1. Customer Support 24×7

One of the most basic yet effective ways to enhance customer loyalty is to accurately respond to customer queries. With a chatbot businesses can easily provide quick and accurate answers to all customer queries in real-time within just seconds of being contacted. 

By deploying intuitive chatbots like Kapture Chat your organization can be assured of round-the-clock customer service, supporting your customers 24×7 at their convenience even outside business hours.

Therefore, a customer loyalty chatbot helps your business manage a healthy relationship with your customer for the long haul and boosts customer retention. By retaining your existing customers, you can easily create a loyal customer base which is of utmost importance for businesses to create a unique brand identity in the market.

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