Your Guide to Finding the Best Chatbot for Your Business: Considerations and Challenges

Guide to find the best Chatbot for your business
Guide to find the best Chatbot for your business
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“45.8% of consumers prefer interacting with a business via messaging than through email”  (VentureBeat)

Conversational AI is taking over the customer support sector today with advanced technologies like, live chat, AI chatbots, and machine learning technologies. With a plethora of chatbots available in the market, most businesses are in a dilemma about how to choose the chatbots that suit their business.

To clear this fog of confusion we have done the heavy lifting for you and here is a detailed study of AI Chatbots and a small buyer’s guide to choosing the right Chatbot platform for your business. 

  1. AI Chatbots in Business
  2. Types Of Chatbots 
  3. The Underlying Technology Behind AI Chatbot
  4. Use cases Of AI Chatbot 
  5. Best Practices for selecting an AI chatbot Platform
  6. Why Choose Kapture’s AI Chatbot? 

AI Chatbots In Business

The major issue with most AI chatbots that are available today is that they are not intuitive. Chatbots often provide standard programmed responses and they lack the touch of personalization. This is why most businesses switch to live chat for managing their sales and customer support.

Keeping this issue in mind, Kapture Chat has designed an intelligent AI Chatbot, that is intuitive, efficient, and provides personalized support. This new generation digital assistant can enable seamless, cutting-edge communication with customers and enhance operational efficiency. Deploying an AI Chatbot thus is the best way to retain your potential customers in the long haul. 

Types Of Chatbots – Rule-Based and Conversational AI 

Technological advances have unlocked a new way of providing a seamless customer experience that is fast, reliable, accurate, and personalized. By leveraging virtual assistants that are powered by conversational AI, like live chats and AI bot chat, that can utilize information faster and accurately. Therefore, finding customer pain points and automating communications is a seamless task and it helps in delivering an enriched customer experience. 

The term AI chatbot is just an umbrella term that involves AI-driven chatbots as well as rule-based chatbots.

  • Rule-based Chatbots 

 Rule-based chatbots as the name resonates are those that provide limited service and are abided by programming rules. It can only automate customer service in very specific scenarios. It works like an input-output game where the bot might ask a specific question and provide a few responses for the customer to choose from. Further, based on the keyword that the customer has chosen, the conversation moves straight forward on a specific path. 

These chatbots lack the capability to personalize the conversations and provide a linear user-experience. At times the chatbot keeps on repeating the same question until it registers the keyword in its system. This affects customer experience and can be the main reason for a decrease in your CSAT rate.  

  • Conversational AI Chatbot 

AI Chatbots are more personalized and provide a human touch to enhance customer experience and facilitate engagements. The chatbots are AI-powered visual agents who are available 24*7 to help your customers in their journey with your brand. Unlike rule-based chatbots, they are not strictly confined to programming rules rather than provide: 

  • Natural conversation with a human touch 
  • Carry the conversations by recognizing the keywords
  • Correct grammatical errors
  • Moderate interactions grasping the emotional intelligence.

By leveraging natural language processing (NLP’s)  and semantics to provide contextual responses, Conversational AI Chatbots provide a high-definition customer experience. To understand, contextualize, and accurately respond to customer queries, Conversation AI chatbots also inculcate machine learning technologies.

The Underlying Technology Behind AI Chatbots

Technology can indeed do remarkable things that help businesses to manage work seamlessly. The underlying technologies behind an intelligent AI Chatbot are machine learning, artificial intelligence (AI), and Natural Language Processing (NLP). 

The major tool behind Chatbot responding accurately and interpreting contextual responses is Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP algorithms drive chatbots to interpret and decide what the customer has meant with a specific conversation and further build a meaningful conversation based on that series of actions. To process this, historical data from real- user responses and customer feedback can be ingrained into the algorithms used in the chatbots. Well, this is of utmost importance because personalization is a necessary aspect, and chatbots are designed to provide seamless personalized experiences. 

Yet another feature that chatbots use is conversational intelligence to completely understand every specific customer. Along with initiating conversations and responding accurately, AI Chatbots place high importance in the context of conversations. By adding a human touch to the conversation, chatbots accurately understand when a specific customer should be transferred to a human support agent or what tone the conversation is supposed to be. 

AI Chatbots like Kapture chat, understand the context of a conversation by leveraging semantics. This helps chatbots in providing contextual responses in a more natural and humanly way rather than training them with highly technical inputs. These features are greatly helpful when it comes to ticket booking or scheduling flights etc. Once the bot understands the tone and emotion of the customer, it can further provide highly personalized support. 

Use cases of AI Chatbot 

AI Chatbots are precisely your virtual assistants who can help you with any queries or tasks. Conversational chatbots automate and simplify tasks of both the customer service and sales sectors. 

  1. Use cases of AI Chatbots in Customer Service

Some of the most common and popular use cases of AI Chatbots in customer service are: 

  • Order Management: Be it order cancellations, changes, reschedule, order placing, or anything AI Chatbots integrated on your websites can help you with all the tasks. There is seemingly very little need for human interaction here, as chatbots are capable of effectively managing your orders. 
  • Ticket Management: Managing bulk tickets is not a daunting task now. Virtual supports like Kapture’s AI Chatbot effectively respond to customer queries and resolve tickets with contextual responses and ensure cent percent customer satisfaction. 
  • Schedule and Manage Appointments: With AI chatbots, managing customer’s appointments is a seamless task and also increases agent productivity. Customers can easily book or manage their appointments without the interference of a human resource. 
  • Product Recommendations: The best way to turn a website visitor into a potential customer is to initiate a conversation and recommend products for them based on their preferences. Kapture’s online chatbot can read customer preferences and recommend products based on their inputs.  

“By simply delivering the right contact information over all of its customer contact channels, one major telco reduced its call transfer rates from 80% to zero.” (Artificial Platform that Solutions)

  1. Use cases Of AI Chatbot In Sales:

These are a few popular use cases of AI chatbot in sales automation 

  • Segmentalize and qualify leads: Segmentalize your leads or ensure their quality and prioritize them with a conversational AI in hand. 
  • Appointment Bookings: Assist your customers in booking appointments within the chat itself with NLP-based chatbots and provide them with a seamless customer experience.
  • Manage Enquiries: Initiate conversations and accurately respond to customer queries and see how Chatbots like Kapture chat helps you in boosting your sales. 

Source: Spiceworks

 Best Practices For Selecting An AI Chatbot Platform

When it comes to choosing an AI Chatbot for your business, it is an important decision that should happen with thorough contemplation and deliberation with your team, keeping in mind the requirement and business intelligence strategies. Here are a few things to consider while choosing the best chatbot for your business.

  • Conversational AI Vs Rule-based AI 

It is imperative to know the difference between a rule-based- AI which is strictly programmed and a conversational AI that provides contextual support. Based on your requirement ensure that you choose the right chatbot for your industry. Conversational AI Chatbots’ are flexible and more productive compared to Rule-based and are the best to deploy.

  • User-Personalization

Choosing an online chat platform that is flexible for personalization is an important choice to consider while choosing an AI Chatbot. What customers look for today is a personalized experience rather than wasting their time on things they are not interested in.

  • Prioritize NLP 

Natural Language Processing is a must-have feature for any chatbot. It is a process where a chatbot recognizes the context of a user’s question and responds accordingly. To make your AI Bot more accurate, efficient, and contextual in responding, ensure that they are NLP-based. 

Why Choose Kapture’s AI Chatbot

Kapture’s intelligent Chatbot helps businesses seamlessly manage their customer interactions by adding a touch of human-like conversation. Along with that it also reduces the operational costs of customer service by 30%. Here some of the unique features of Kapture’s AI Chatbot:

  • Flexible Pricing: Kapture’s AI Chatbot is uniquely designed to suit every business enterprise from small businesses to large corporations. It provides flexible chat plans for enterprises and is configured to the needs of your specific business. 
  • Quick Implementation: To deploy Kapture’s AI Chatbot there is zero necessity of knowing specific coding or technical skills. It comes with easy implementation and an easy-to-use interface. 
  • Powerful Integrations: Integrating your Chatbot with your CRM or any other application is a seamless task with Kapture’s AI Chatbot. It provides seamless integration of multiple third-party applications and business processes and provides a high-defined experience for customers. 
  • Contextual And Cognitive Responses: Contextual personalized responses are a feature that is given for Kapture’s AI Chatbot. You can provide a seamless customer experience and engagement by deploying this intelligent AI-Driven NLP-based chatbot. 

This is a complete 2021 Chatbot guide by Kapture Chat for businesses out there searching for a relevant, flexible, and intelligent solution for their customer communications. Businesses must keep the flow of changes and adapt to advancing technology. A conversational AI Chatbot like Kapture Chat is a necessity today, to provide your customer a seamless customer experience and to establish your brand identity. 

If you want to explore more about Kapture’s AI chatbot and its features, book a demo with us now. 

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