5 Chat Tips to Boost the Sales on Your Shopping App and Website

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Customers are increasingly preferring to reach out to companies through emails, chat, or social media channels rather than long calls with support teams. In a bid to keep up with this trend, customer-centric companies like fast implementing live chat and chatbots into their sales and support workflows. 

Forrester found that 44% of respondents preferred a live person for their queries as opposed to other communication channels like phone or email.

Some of the reasons why chat support is adding value and convenience to businesses include: 

  • Fast and contextual responses
  • Addresses multiple people and gives a good impression simultaneously
  • Improves retention and allows support agents to focus on more difficult issues
  • Live chat creates lasting customer relationships
  • 24/7 uninterrupted services 

Deploying a chatbot or a live chat helps enterprises see a spike in the number of sales and resolved tickets within a short period. Studies done by Econsultancy showed that around 73% of customers shopping online were happy with their experience in live chat when compared to email or phone. It was also noted that around 63% of customers preferred to return to websites or apps that included live chats.

5 Chat tips to boost website and app sales

51% of customers on an e-commerce website or app prefer live chat since it connects them instantly and reduces waiting time. Here are a few tips you can follow to increase your website and app sales using chat support:

  • Instant responses

According to Econsultancy, 79% of people prefer chat support as it helps them receive faster responses when compared to other forms of communication.  Connecting the correct support request with the exact team makes it easy for your customers to get the most out of every interaction. Furthermore, faster replies also make it easier for support agents to increase engagement with customers, reduce any spelling mistakes, be able to help multiple customers at once, and provide complete knowledge regarding products that the customer is interested in. 

  • Manage chats by streaming it to the responsible team

 Kapture Chat routes an incoming chat ticket to the right team or department automatically based on keywords or pre-set criteria such as agent availability, PIN Code, etc. This minimizes chat ticket backlogs.

  • Evaluate chat metrics

With live chat metrics, you can track the performance and take note of areas that need improvement. Also, the continued measurement of key performance indicators (KPI) is a great way to measure and improve the chat experiences of your customers and the productivity of your team. Measuring important metrics such as the first response time is necessary to maintain the desired level of customer satisfaction. It was observed that 59% of customers were more interested in buying from brands that solved their queries in less than a minute. Higher the number of total chat sessions generally means that there is a good level of engagement with the visitors on your website or app. 

  • Calculate real-time feedback

As a live chat is the most common way of gaining feedback from customers, asking for feedback can be done in a few different ways:

  • Once the customer’s queries are resolved.
  • While the customer is viewing a product or browsing a product category.
  • After the transaction for a product is completed by the customer.
  • Post the demo for a product is completed.

Estimating customer satisfaction comes down to gathering feedback through various methods, organizing them by category, and distributing it by the department to help improve the performance of each department respectively.

  • Canned and personalized chat responses

Canned responses are preset replies for questions asked regularly. Having these preset replies makes it easier for live agents to reply faster to customers.  These canned responses expand the expertise of the customer support team while interacting with more than one customer and reduce the time taken to respond competently. Additionally, the scope of any spelling errors is significantly lowered.

With personalized responses, the live agent can gain the trust of the customers easily. Friendly greetings and customized thank you notes make the customer feel valued and heard. 

In addition to these benefits, implementing a chat suite can help you retain customers and build your brand image. Go on and book a demo today to know how our chat suite can help your e-commerce app or website effectively. https://www.kapturechat.com/kapture-chat-demo

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