Boost Employee Engagement With an Internal Chat System

Learn more about how leveraging a chatbot and a live chat can boost employee engagement and satisfaction.
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The ways and means of boosting employee engagement and communication have always been a hot topic among most enterprises – both B2C and B2B. The recent outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, which caused companies to work remotely has made this engagement process even harder than before. Creating happy employee experiences is more important than ever. 

According to a J. Morgan’s HBR study report that reviewed 250 companies, data concludes that the companies that actively invested in employee experience outperformed the ones that didn’t (4.2x in average profit and 4.0x in profit per employee). Their average revenue was also twice as large.

Why exactly is employee engagement important for enterprises? 

  1. Higher employee satisfaction – When employees are engaged at work and feel satisfied with their position, they are more likely to stay loyal and be focused at work. 
  2. Higher retention and lower turnover – Investing in employee engagement can help you retain your top employees and lower your turnover rates by ensuring that your team is satisfied. 
  3. Increased productivity – It’s no secret that engaged employees work faster and harder because they like what they do. Gallup reports that engaged employees are 17% more productive. 
  4. Increased profitability – Happy employees translate to happy customers. Happy customers tend to keep coming back and they refer other people to your company.

Role of chat in employee engagement

For the most part, chatbots and live chat are thought of as tools that can only help in improving the end-user experience. However, the same technology (machine learning and artificial intelligence) can play an important role in transforming the employee experience by taking over basic tasks.

Kapture Chat’s advanced chat suite can enable self-service by answering employee questions, and help them complete tasks faster and independently. It can also send personalized notifications and provide specific data instantly. 

Here are some of the usecases of chatbot and livechat in internal communication: 

  1. Recruitment – The recruitment process can be a very tedious process, including a lot of important paperwork. Recruitment, more often than not, includes communication between the recruiter and applicant over more than one channel – call, email, text, etc. Switching to a chat system can eliminate this confusion and complication. Kapture’s AI chatbot can mimic human conversations to interact with applicants to give them answers to common questions as well as to provide immediate feedback on their application status. 
  2. Onboarding – It’s a well-known fact that the onboarding process, not only expensive, but is also very time-consuming. Some of the most important usecases of Kapture Chat in onboarding are:
    1. Paperwork: Kapture Chat can assist new hires with all the paperwork included in the onboarding process. It can collect and save all the necessary documents. 
    2. Educating company policies: The bot can educate hires on human resource policies, vacation or standard operating procedures. The new employees can also ask questions and save themselves the time of reaching out to the manager or coworker.
    3. Company introduction – The AI chatbot can take employees through informational videos or presentations about the company, the teams involved etc within a chat. 
  3. Learning and development – In the age of constant development and disruption, existing skills are as crucial as the ability to acquire new skills. Integrating learning chatbots into the development process can rapidly improve learning outcomes. 

Kapture’s AI chatbot can streamline access to relevant data by pulling out the information when it’s needed. With a learning chat suite in place, employees can study training materials in abetter and more engaging way as well as test their knowledge using conversational assessments, which provide real-time feedback.

  1. HR interactions – Through Kapture Chat, you can help your employees get instant resolutions from just their workstations. The chat suite helps HR get on top of every query in a matter of minutes. Take a look at these usecases for example:
    1. Managing leave requests 
    2. Respond to pay roll queries
    3. Personalized IT support 
    4. Managing reimbursement requests 
    5. Document submission 
    6. Application tracking 
    7. Exit formalities automation 

In addition to these, you can leverage Kapture Chat to collect feedback and optimize customer engagement in several different ways. Explore how Kapture Chat can benefit your enterprise directly, Book a demo with Kapture Chat today. 

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