Use-Cases of an AI Chatbot in the E-Commerce Industry

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Companies in dynamic sectors like e-commerce are constantly redefining the way they connect with and understand their customers. Better, stronger customer relationships directly translate to increased ROI, maximized revenue, and customer retention. 

In a bid to deliver delightful customer experiences, e-commerce enterprises are increasingly using AI chatbots to proactively interact with customers and resolve their issues on not one but multiple platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram, their online store, etc. Intelligent chatbots such as Kapture Chat use machine learning to understand customers’ messages and predict their preferences to deliver memorable, individualized shopping experiences. 

Why do e-commerce businesses need chatbots and/or live chat applications? 

Chatbots and live chat applications bring several different benefits. In addition to being available 24/7 and providing instant responses, chat applications also help in increasing the productivity of your sales and support teams. 

  1. Order management – E-commerce enterprises receive a large number of new orders and messages requesting to make changes to orders. AI chatbots can efficiently help your business by streamlining and automating order management processes. 
  1. Order placing – E-commerce chatbots such as Kapture Chat can help your website visitors and app users learn more about the products and services that you offer. The bot can also help customers in their buying decisions and placing orders without any hassle. 
  2. Refunds/returns – E-commerce businesses receive a large number of tickets on a daily basis regarding returns and refunds. Attending to these tickets manually can take up a lot of time and resources for your enterprise. AI chatbots automate this process in a smooth manner. With complete context in place, the chatbot can interact with customers, find out their issue and process the refund or return request within seconds. 
  1. Customer complaints – AI chatbots do not have any limitations when it comes to customer interactions. They can interpret customers’ messages precisely and provide them with accurate, contextual responses. For example, a customer reaches out to you saying that they have not received their order, which was scheduled for delivery the previous day. AI chatbots are intelligent and can understand a customer’s unique support requests and respond accordingly. In this case, the bot would analuse where the delivery went wrong and respond to the customer saying there was a problem with the billing address and that the order would be delivered on a set date. 
  2. Order predictions and promotions – Machine learning enables chatbots can forecast customer purchase behavior patterns in a seamless way. By leveraging these valuable forecast insights, the bot can also proactively reach out to customers and provide them with customized offers. For instance, a customer who has purchased 2 coats in the past 6 months is likely interested in browsing and purchasing winter clothing. Kapture’s AI chatbot can show customers newly-arrived winter wear with attractive discounts to help them make the purchase. 

In addition to these usecases, smart capabilities that chatbots have bring value to e-commerce enterprises. Some of these capabilities include: 

  1. Omnichannel support – Customers can reach out to you from any interaction channel (chat, Facebook, Instagram, etc) and the bot can respond to these queries within seconds. 
  2. Multi-lingual bot: Kapture’s chatbot can engage customers in any language of their preference to deliver delightful sales and support experiences. 
  3. NLP-based responses – Kapture Chat is enabled with a natural language processing (NLP) engine that helps the ot understand customer queries and respond in human-like language. 
  4. Easy deployment – Kapture Chat can be implemented on your website or mobile app very quickly, with no hassle. 

Find out more about Kapture Chat and how our chatbot can help your ecommerce business by booking a short, personalized demo with us. 

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