Automate customer support while lowering costs with conversational AI

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Customer support is a fast-evolving arena that is helping global businesses stay connected with their customers. With the help of technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, customer support automation has become faster and more accessible than ever. Every year, nearly 265 billion customer support requests are raised, and it costs enterprises a whopping $1.3 trillion to service them. Artificial intelligence and machine learning-based technologies are expected to offer an automation solution to these challenges. (Yellow Messenger). 

Some of the most significant ways in which conversational AI can help your lower costs and automate sales and support include: 

  1. Intelligent chatbots for smooth customer support: Imagine a powerful, intelligent chatbot that improvises regularly to deliver instant, contextual support to your customers. You’ll be pleased to know that Kapture’s AI chatbot can do exactly this. Let’s explore some use cases to understand the power of this chatbot in the context of customer support: 
  • Returns and refunds:  Customer-centric companies encounter a large number of tickets pertaining to returns and refunds every single time. A chatbot can use the information related to a certain customer and the order to interact with them and solve the issue in a timely manner with no need for agent interference. Not only does this help you provide instant replies and save time, but also reduces the wait times for customers. 
  • Scheduling appointments – Customers can converse with an AI chatbot to book, cancel or reschedule appointments with ease. Through an embedded calendar, booking appointments have been made easier. 
  • Product-related issues –  A chatbot can recognize the intent in an incoming query and respond to the customer with contextual solutions. For instance, an e-commerce company customer who has received a delivery of groceries at 9:30 am is reaching out to the support team at 9:45 am. The chatbot can intelligently predict the intent of the request and asks the customer if they have received the wrong order or damaged goods. This eliminates a lot of time for the customer where he/she has to provide the context of the issue. 
  • Collecting feedback in real-time: After every interaction, a purchase or a ticket resolution later, the AI chatbot can collect feedback from customers. This could include a simple questionnaire or a rating system without involving any manual processes such as calling the customer. 
  1. Chatbots for sales: You can engage with customers proactively with a chatbot to increase more bookings and revenue.
  • Offer personalized incentives – You can leverage a chatbot to gather the attention of your customers with attractive offers. For example, the bot can reach out to one of your loyal customers and offer them a discount of 20% on certain products as they have been a customer of yours for 3 years. While the offer is an attractive incentive, your customers will also appreciate you recognizing their value and offering personalized discounts. What’s more, the chatbot can do all this automatically with no need for any agent interference. 
  • Inform customers / prospects – Use Kapture’s AI chatbot to proactively engage with customers, prospects or website visitors to inform them of the newly-arrived products, services or ongoing offers. The bot can ask a few questions to the customer to understand their preferences and suggest personalized recommendations. 
  • Reduce cart abandonments – The chatbot can send reminders and offer additional discounts to customers who have abandoned their carts. This can help in providing an incentive for customers to come back and complete their purchase. 

In addition to automated conversations facilitated by bots, Kapture Chat can also help your agents attend to as many customers as possible at a time, with complete context. This helps in both maximizing their productivity and helps you reduce operational costs. Agents can take advantage of canned replies and suggested responses to engage with customers. 

These are just some of the ways in which Kapture Chat can help you automate your support process and help you reduce operational costs. If you’d like to know more about Kapture Chat or have any questions regarding the product, feel free to book a demo to understand how the chat can help your business. 

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