How to use Sales Chatbots to Increase Conversions?

Sales Chatbots
Sales Chatbots to Increase Conversions
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Chatbots are a great add-on for any business’ website or online presence. From providing extensive customer service to improving conversion rates, chatbots are the new face of customer engagement. Businesses looking to boost their sales are in need of intelligent tools and sales chatbots are a strong contender in this race of automation and efficiency.

In order to stay competitive in today’s digital market, businesses are trying to automate many of their processes, cutting down their costs and transforming their operational processes. Sales chatbots are a part of this transformation story. From engaging visiting prospects to converting them as your loyal customers – they can make your sales pipeline stronger. While a lot of companies begin their bot journey with customer service, on the other hand, Sales is a great area to put a bot into work. By guiding your customers throughout their purchase and responding to all their queries along the way, chatbots help to make their online purchases even more efficient and facile. 

Experts weigh in on the use and adoption of chatbots for sales as well. According to a report prepared by Gartner, implementing conversational AI chatbots in sales and marketing strategies can boost conversions up to 30%. Let’s check out how they can be beneficial to your business and explore 5 use cases where a chatbot can automate sales processes:

Build a stronger sales team
A major challenge with sales is seeking the right prospects to pitch the right offers. A lot of time is spent on probing and pre-qualifying customers because each of them has a different requirement and personalization is the key to higher retention. Chatbots can help you pre-qualify and categorize customers by asking them specific questions and attaching distinct tags to each of them based on their answers. According to BI Intelligence, chatbots cut back up to $39 billion/year in wages across sales and customer support.

Avoid customer drop-off
Sales chatbots work as a stimulus in influencing customers to purchase and thus avoiding a drop-off while they are in the pipeline. If you’re having a sale or have just updated your site with new products, you can use a chatbot to broadcast attractive offers. You can finetune these discounts or messages according to the page they’re browsing or using insights from their previous interactions/purchase. Efforts like this can make your customers feel valued, influencing them to stay and explore your site to make a guaranteed purchase.

Collect customer feedback
Most of the users visit a page and leave when they cannot find what they’re looking for. Sales chatbots at this stage help you reconcile the gap between their requirement and your availability. They try to keep the visitors satisfied by putting in relatable queries if required and later this data can be employed to well optimize future customer interactions. Insights play a pivotal role in personalized sales and bots do an excellent job in collecting these insights as feedback from your customers.

Automate remarketing
Chatbots can facilitate remarketing campaigns with ease. For example, whenever a prospect adds an item to the shopping cart and abandons, remarketing campaigns remind the users to pick up from where they left off. They can learn from the user’s previous searches, purchases etc. and improve on future customer engagement. They can be subtle with their remarketing approach and converse rather than advertise to influence your customers’ purchase decisions. With the help of cognitive technologies like machine learning and NLP, they are capable of mirroring human language effortlessly.

Employ a 24/7 sales agent
Can you imagine having a salesperson that is ready to operate around the clock, responding within seconds to all customers from all over the world? With sales chatbots, you can! They enable businesses of all sizes to have access to a nominal, 24/7 sales tool that has the potential to converse on your behalf. They also free up the time of your agents to focus on priority situations/deals while they manage with queries and conversions that don’t require human intervention/supervision.

Sales chatbots are here to increase efficiency and usher the new age of conversational commerce. They help you prioritize your resources, cut down your operational costs, enable the necessary digital transformation and give a humble nudge to your customers enhancing their experience throughout their buyer journey.

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