How an All-Inclusive Enterprise Chat Suite can Help Businesses During Remote Work

How an All Inclusive Enterprise Chat Suite can Help Businesses During Unprecedented Times
How an All Inclusive Enterprise Chat Suite can Help Businesses During Unprecedented Times
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COVID19 has hugely impacted our economy. Businesses have again shifted their work culture back to remote work. With the enforced lockdown, customer-centric businesses are facing the biggest trouble in managing their business and especially connecting with their customers. But, here’s a solution to streamline your business workflow seamlessly even during this uncertain time. 

Chat suites that include live chat and AI Chatbots have become the saving grace for businesses amidst the second COVID-19 outbreak. All-inclusive chat suites like Kapture Chat are serving customers worldwide in seamlessly managing their customer interactions and boosting their business to new heights. 

Chat Suite for Enterprises

What enterprises need today is a contextual and intelligent chat suite that provides delightful customer experiences no matter where they are working from. Chat suites like Kapture Chat have become the top choice for businesses across the globe with our all-inclusive chat suite that provides AI Chatbot, Live Chat, and Hybrid AI Agent options. It proactively engages with customers to resolve their issues and create delightful experiences for customers throughout their journey.  

The support sector has completely changed to conversational support today. According to research by Ruby, “42% of all customers prefer to chat over other communication channels”.

How Chat Suite Helps Businesses In Remote Work Scenario 

With a chat suite that is built for enterprises, agents can get access to information, constant support for customers, and enhance business capabilities to manage remote operations without any hindrances.

Why choose Kapture’s all-inclusive Chat Suite for your business? Here’s the reason:

  • Route Live Chats

With Kapture’s Live Chat option, agents can easily prioritize and route their incoming chats to the right department or agent who specializes in that. Chats are automatically routed to agents who are currently handling the least amount of chats. This helps in ensuring that the agents are not burdened and the workload is evenly distributed. Furthermore, it will help in improving agent efficiency and enhance their productivity. 

  • Help Agents With Quick Responses

Now agents can provide delightful customer experiences without losing any chat thread as Kapture Chat provides them with quick replies and canned responses. These are instant responses that you can configure for frequently asked queries which will reduce response time. 

These quick responses will help support agents in achieving their goals efficiently, save time for customers and themselves, enhance productivity and deliver complete knowledge of the product. 

  • Access To Customer Chat History For Providing Better Service 

Yet another significant feature of Kapture’s enterprise chat suite is that it provides agents access to a customer chat history, which will help them in understanding the issue to the core. By understanding the issue that customers are dealing with, agents can seamlessly provide accurate solutions without dragging the chat, with unnecessary questions. 

  • Options To Modify Orders In Chat 

Kapture’s enterprise chatbot provides customers with multiple options to modify their orders within the chat itself. Customers can save their time and energy from juggling between multiple apps to make changes in their order or to modify it. By providing an option to modify their order within the chatbox, businesses can enhance their user experience and boost CSAT scores.

The Best Chat Suite For Remote Work 

We all know that there has again been a re-shift to remote working culture. Kapture Chat is an intelligent chat suite that provides seamless customer service, the same infrastructure, features, and tools at your preferred workspace as you get in your office. 

Along with providing delightful customer experiences, agents can also avail the chatbot to internally chat with the team when a complex issue arises and resolve it accordingly. Therefore, what your business needs today is an enterprise-level all-inclusive chat suite like Kapture Chat to provide uninterrupted customer engagement anytime, anywhere. 

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