Importance of Chat-WhatsApp integration

Importance of Chat - Whatsapp Integration
Importance of Chat – Whatsapp Integration
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With over 1.5 billion active users, WhatsApp has transformed global communication over the past few years. In addition to interacting with friends and family, users are also increasingly choosing WhatsApp to reach out to businesses to request information, place orders and have their issues resolved. 

Customers expect businesses to communicate with them on channels that they regularly use and prefer. They demand instant responses and faster ticket resolutions with minimum wait time. So as a scaling organization, how can you meet your customers’ expectations and leverage the current technology to serve them better? 

Integrating an intuitive AI chatbot and live chat application such as Kapture Chat with WhatsApp helps you keep up with these changing customer communication trends easily. 

Integration of Chat with WhatsApp

With the help of Kapture Chat WhatsApp integration, you can offer quick and efficient support to your customers via WhatsApp. You can integrate the chatbot or live chat with WhatsApp to help customers get instant responses to their queries on their preferred channel of communication. 

Advantages of Whatsapp Chatbot and WhatsApp live chat 

  • Handle customer requests: When customers reach out to you on WhatsApp with certain queries or concerns, provide them with instant, contextual responses with Kapture Chat. All incoming support requests via WhatsApp is unified on one dashboard to ensure that no customer’s message goes unanswered. 
  • Increase sales: Using Kapture Chat, your sales team members can proactively engage with prospects or existing customers to assist them in their buying decisions. Sales agents can also send documents, or show photos of the product via a WhatsApp message right from the Kapture Chat dashboard/application.

WhatApp Chat integration features and capabilities that’ll add value to your business

  • Instant replies: Kapture’s AI chatbot can respond to incoming WhatsApp messages with quick, contextual messages. The NLP-powered bot can recognize the intent in customers’ queries and provide them with relevant responses. WhatsApp requests and queries can also be routed to relevant support agents or teams to help them deliver contextual resolutions quickly. 
  • Uncompromised security: WhatsApp messages to customers are sent from Kapture Chat and not from any employee’s accounts. This means that customer data is stored in the company’s account and cannot be accessed by unauthorized personnel at any cost. 
  • Multi-agent live chat: Improve your team’s productivity by interacting with your customers in real-time from a simple web interface allowing multiple agents to interact with different customers simultaneously.
  • Complete visibility: Get complete visibility on the number of chats that are open, chat tickets resolved, average response times, and other key metrics via Kapture Chat. With clickable dashboards facilitated by Kapture, you can gain insights into important metrics about productivity within a few seconds. 
  • Easy integration: Our simple to use API can be easily integrated within any of your existing software such a CRM or CMS. 

WhatsApp connected to Kapture Chat allows all of your sales and support employees to work through one phone number, quickly resolve customer issues and take full advantage of our AI capabilities. 

Why choose Kapture Chat? 

  • Cutting edge technology: Kapture’s machine learning powered chatbot used NLP to deliver seamless customer interactions. 
  • Flexible pricing: Kapture Chat can be deployed across businesses of all sectors. Check out our flexible chat plans
  • Dedicated customer support: Count on the team at Kapture Chat to assist you throughout the implementation and provide you with any assistance required. 

So what are you waiting for? Book a short, personalised demo with Kapture Chat today! 

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