A Brief Introduction to Chatbots and Live Chat Applications

Find out what an AI chatbot and a live chat software are. Explore the usecases of a chat suite in sales and customer support.
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With the advent of technology and the digital transformation that has been taking place over the past two decades, it’s no surprise that customers no longer want to stay on long calls to connect with customer support teams and repeat their issues to different agents multiple times. Customers now reach out to support teams through their preferred mode of communication (email, Facebook, Instagram, chat, etc) and expect instant responses to their queries. 

Using chatbots and live chat software can help you meet customer demands and keep up with the current support trends and preferences. Kapture Chat offers enterprises with a chat suite (AI chatbot, live chat and hybrid AI agent) to help them proactively engage with customers and build strong relationships. 

What is Kapture’s AI chatbot? 

Our AI chatbot is a software that can simulate a conversation with prospective customers and existing customers in human-like language. This chatbot, powered by machine learning, can automate the customer engagement process with complete ease. 

What is a live chat software?

Live chat is used by enterprises to facillate communicate between customers and customer service representatives in real time. As opposed to long calls, customers can interact with a support agent easily through a chat box within a website, social media channels or mobile applications. 

What is Kapture Chat’s hybrid AI agent? 

Kapture Chat helps agents respond to customers quickly by suggesting contextual replies. The agent can choose the right response from the suggestions presented to them and can respond accordingly. Not only does this save time, but increases agent productivity and reduces extra workforce as well. 

What are the benefits of an AI chatbot? 

  1. 24/7 availability – Most enterprises want to offer support round the clock – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. That meant that they must hire support agents who can work in shifts. However, an AI chatbot can stay online 24/7, 365 days a year. Customers from around the globe can engage with Kapture’s AI chatbot from anywhere, anytime, in any language and get an instant response.
  2. Minimum agent interference – When our AI chatbot can automatically chat with customers without any help from a human agent, enterpruss can cut down on extra support costs. The time and money saved helps your support teams to focus on other priority matters. Kapture Chat saves precious time of agents who are encountered with repetitive queries all day.
  3. Faster response time: When compared to live agents, chatbots can instantly respond to customer queries. Kapture’s AI chatbot can understand the intent in a query and responds with a contextual solution. As customers get real-time attention and contextual respondes to their queries, an AI chatbot helps in improving customer experience.
  4. Multi-lingual ability – Customers from all over the world can interact with Kapture’s AI chatbot in any language that they prefer. This helps enterprises save the costs that would otherwise be spent on hire chat agents for every language thier customers speak. Multi-lingual capabilities enhace customer engagement as well as customer satisfaction rates. 
  5. Cost-effectiveness – Compared to traditional customer service channels, chatbots are convenient yet cost effective. Enterprises can save precious time and resources by deploying Kapture’s AI chatbot. 

What are the benefits of a live chat? 

  1. Personalized customer service: Live chats help enterprises deliver personalized customer experiences. Some customers feel more connected and comfortable speaking to live agents. 
  2. Empathy – Live agents are more empathic, which is easily reflected in the chat communication. They can pay attention, listen and be empathetic when compared to a chatbot. 
  3. Expertise skills – A chabot may not always be capable of understanding and solving a very complex / unique customer issue. Live agents, on the other hand, can use their expertise to solve complex problems. 

What are some common usecases of a chat system in customer service

  1. Placing an order – Chatbots can assist customers in choosing the right product or service and placing the order. The bot can ask questions, analyse previous orders to understand the buyer persona and recommend product suggestions accordingly. 
  2. Incentivize customers – Kapture Chat can proactively engage with prospective buyers and present them with relevant, personalized offers. This will encourage customers to check the offers and buy the product or service. 
  3. Cancellations and exchanges –  The chatbot can effectively manage tickets regarding order cancellations and exchanges without involving a support agent. Customer details and order details are accessed by the bot as needed. 
  4. Refunds and returns – Tickets related to refunds and returns are encountered by enterprises all the time. Our AI chatbot can efficiently handle these conversations and resolve issues in a matter of minutes. 
  5. Scheduling appointments –  Customers can book appointments by using a calender embedded in Kapture Chat. This process is simple and not time consuming. 
  6. Completing documentation – Customers can upload documents and complete other documentation work within a conversation using an AI chatbot. 
  7. Virtual tours – Travel, real estate and enterprises from other dynamic sectors can use Kapture Chat to facilitate virtual tours through chat. 

These are just a few of the usecases of chat. In addition to these, you can leverage Kapture’s AI chatbot to capture leads, qualify prospects, collect feedback, etc. 

It’s important for companies to keep up with changing trends in order to understand their customers and meet their needs. Book a demo with Kapture Chat today to know more about how our chat suite can help your business. 

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