6 Reasons Why You Should Use a Chatbot for Your Real Estate Business

Find out how a real estate chatbot such as Kapture’s AI chatbot can help you take your real estate enterprise to the next level.
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Owing to the digital transformation that has been taking place over the last few decades, several global industries, including real estate, have moved completely online. Did you know that over 50% of home buyers look for listings on the web? 

The advent of the internet has simplified the search process for customers and streamlined the business workflows for enterprises. It has also forced real estate companies to keep up and compete with online and offline competitions. Fortunately, we’re at the pinnacle of machine learning technology that can be leveraged to automate mundane tasks by letting cognitive AI chatbots take care of them. 

With a real estate chatbot, users can ask questions and get instant, contextual answers. Kapture’s AI chatbot helps you engage with prospective sellers and buyers proactively and create delightful sales and support experiences. 

Here are 6 reasons why your real estate enterprises can benefit from a real estate chatbot. 

  1. Immediate responses – One of the main advantages of having Kapture’s AI chatbot in place is that your customers no longer have to wait for responses to their questions. Whether the bot is answering a property query or just responding to a frequently asked question, you can rest assured that your customers are getting timely, contextual solutions and answers. No matter the day and time, the chatbot can respond to queries in an intelligent manner while your agents focus on more pressing matters. 
  2. Lead qualification and management – Eliminate the manual process of profiling your leads. Count on Kapture Chat to ask the necessary questions and generate sales-qualified leads within a conversation. The leads acquired through the chatbot can later be transferred to your agents for further nurturing. With Kapture’s AI chatbot, you can create different greetings for prospects interested in buying, renting, and selling a house. Additionally, you can qualify leads based on their needs.
  3. Schedule meetings and property visits – Building customer relationships is instrumental for real estate enterprises. This process includes arranging calls, face-to-face meetings, live chat, etc. Kapture’s AI chatbot can efficiently help you do all of these. While engaging with customers, the chatbot can display a calendar and allow them to schedule a meeting at a convenient time. Therefore, you won’t have to worry about arranging property visits and meetings manually. Chatbots will do that for you and allow you to focus on other important matters. 
  4. Automated engagement – As a realtor, prospects and customers reach out to you through various communication channels (such as email, chat, social media, etc.). It is important to stay present everywhere and respond to customer queries with relevant responses. Real estate chatbots can help you automate this process in a hassle-free manner. The bot can follow up on your leads and send reminders via the medium they choose. Follow-up messages can be automatically sent to the customer without any manual intervention.
  5. Understanding the market better – Customer demands, needs and interests are constantly changing in the real estate market. Deploying Kapture’s real estate chatbot can help you keep up with these trends. The chatbot can have multiple conversations and collect a lot of data about your target audience and their preferences. The information gathered can help you understand the types of properties, locations, tec are most often searched for. By understanding your audience and their needs, you can tailor listings to customers’ needs. 
  6. Better data management – An AI chatbot can help you by keeping a record of all the conversations and data collected to date. This way, trends can be identified between the customer and bot interactions. This helps in understanding customer purchase patterns and forecast behaviors as well. 

In addition to these above mentioned features, having Kapture’s AI chatbot can help you in several different ways. The bot’s multi-lingual abilities can help you build connections with customers all around the world.

You can integrate Kapture Chat with a wide variety of commonly used applications to facilitate smooth customer interactions. Book a demo with Kapture Chat today to understand how the chat suite can help you take your business to the next level. 

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