Automate Customer Support Without Losing the Human Touch With Kapture Chat

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If you were to choose between a long phone call with a support agent or interact with an intelligent chatbot to get a simple issue resolved, what would you choose? Customers have high expectations when it comes to the level of service they expect from brands. Did you know that 33% of Americans are inclined to switch to a different company after a bad experience? Companies are increasingly allocating a sizeable amount of investments towards customer support as they realize the role played by CX in customer loyalty, retention, and satisfaction rates.

Unfortunately for customer-centric companies, the cost of human support is high. Introducing artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning into day-to-day support operations is an efficient way of controlling costs while improving the qualify of customer support experiences. By leveraging intelligent customer engagement platforms like Kapture Chat, it is to maintain the human touch (while automating repetitive interactions) that makes customers feel appreciated 

How is this done? Here are a few ways in which Kapture Chat can engage with customers in human-like conversations and deliver delightful support experiences round the clock. 

NLP-powered chatbot

 Natural Language Processing is based on deep learning technology, which enables computers to acquire meaning from given inputs. In the context of chatbots in customer support (or sales), the bot assesses the intent of messages from users and responds based on a contextual analysis similar to a human agent. NLP mirrors human language efficiently, making customers feel comfortable. 

Kapture’s NLP-powered chatbot extensively uses machine learning to parse user input to understand user intent. Our AI chatbot is designed to minimize errors that otherwise would take place in manual customer interactions. Here’s how NLP engines in chatbots do to add the extra human touch in conversations. 

  1. Intent Recognition: AI chatbots break up and compile words in user input to understand the intent. For eg, “Looking for 3BHK apartment with pool in Delhi.” NLP analyses complete sentences by understanding the meaning of the words, positioning, conjugation, plurality, and several other factors that human speech contains. Thus, it breaks down the complete sentence or a paragraph into a simpler one. In this case, it uses “looking for,” “3BHK” “swimming pool” and “Delhi” as keywords to comprehend the intent and respond accordingly. 
  2. Capitalization of nouns: NLP enabled chatbots can remove capitalization from the common nouns and recognize the proper nouns from speech/user input. Capitalization of proper nouns like customers’ names can make them feel heard and valued. 
  3. Constant Expansion & Transfer of Vocabulary: NLP enables chatbots to continuously add new synonyms and words as well as use machine learning to expand chatbot vocabulary. This facilitates easy, human-like communication between the bot and the customer. 

Using an NLP-powered chatbot not only helps you add a human touch to automated conversations but brings several other benefits to the table as well. 

  • Reduced costs –  NLP based customer support chatbots can significantly help in cutting down costs that are associated with manpower and other resources involved in repetitive tasks as well as costs on customer retention.
  • Higher customer satisfaction – NLP helps chatbots understand, analyze and prioritize the questions according to the complexity & this enables bots to respond to customer queries faster than a human being. Faster responses help in building customer trust and subsequently, more business. 

Personalized support 

Another important way in which you can automate your customer engagement while maintaining the human touch is the personalization of interactions. By leveraging Kapture Chat, you can engage customers by offering customized offers to them. 

For instance, a loyal customer of many years can be offered an extra 15% discount during the checkout of their purchase. This makes customers feel appreciated and valued. 

Contextual support 

No customer likes to get the same replies from a chatbot for all their queries. Kapture Chat, powered by ML, can respond to customer queries with contextual replies. This eliminates the hassle associated with sending pre-set templates to customers automatically. 

These are some of the ways in which Kapture Chat can help you automate your engagement while effectively adding a human touch to it. Understand how our Chatbot can help your business by booking a demo today. 

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