Why a Simple Chat System can Transform Your Customer Support Operation

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The key to a successful customer support strategy lies in an enterprise’s ability to respond to support tickets as soon as they have been generated.

This means that every support channel has to be unified so that your agents are quickly notified on a new query.

Now can this be automated?

Can you instantly offer contextual resolutions to every query from every customer in a matter of seconds?

An automated chat system should help you here.

A study by Kayako found that 79% business said that offering a chat option on their website has led to higher sales, better revenue and more satisfied customers.


51% customers are more likely to make a repeat purchase from a company that offers chat support  (Source)

Let’s say a customer was browsing through a fashion store.

His mouse was hovering on the add to cart button for a while.

But for some reason, he felt that last-minute tinge of indecision.

Now imaging a chat icon pops up saying “ Hey, I noticed you were looking for a formal shirt. I am your personal fashion assistant. Is there anything I can help you with?”

Let’s say the customer does indulge this conversation.

What he then sees is lighting fast accurate responses to every one of his questions.

This is the power of an automated NLP chatbot.

An NLP chatbot can read and contextualize human language to offer customers intelligent responses making it seem like you were speaking to a live agent.

With nothing but automation, this fashion store not only closed a sale but left a customer ultra impressed with its fast responses.

This will no doubt lead to more purchases in the future.

41% of customers said they preferred chat support as compared to other mediums ( Source)

A study done on the most preferred medium of customer support found that chat outdid its competitors by 41%.

Today, customers expect businesses to have a live chat on their website.

They expect to be able to reach out to you with queries when and how they want and a chat system is the fastest way to achieve it.

 Live chat has a satisfaction rating of 92% (Source)

Customer satisfaction ratings play a big role in the effectiveness of your support operation.

How satisfied is a customer with his last interaction with your company?

Does he feel his query was resolved at the earliest?

Is he utterly glad that he did business with you?

These are the secrets that C.S.AT ratings reveal.

Businesses that implemented a live chat saw a 92% increase in their satisfaction ratings.

What’s more impressive is that this was achieved with an automated form of support that worked 24/7 with minimal human effort,


Chat support is now a necessity more than a choice.

To win the race of business, customer experience plays a key role in outdoing your competitors’ efforts.

While your competition may be happy with a basic CRM, you can use an automated chat system to power up your business without spending any extra capital on hiring agents,

With your existing support team doing their tasks on a daily basis, chatbot can work while you sleep. It can close sales, offer support and help you leave behind a trail of satisfied buyers.

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