Conversational AI for Supply Chain Management

Conversational AI for Supply Chain Management
Conversational AI for Supply Chain Management
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When it comes to supply chain management and logistics, the demand and need for incorporating modern, advanced technology – within the web and mobile app – is constantly surging for various reasons. The supply chain management space uses massive amounts of changing customer data, requiring a great amount of internal team coordination and organized workflows. The end-to-end process of inputting, tracking as well as completing orders is time-consuming, laborious, and prone to human error. 

Conversational AI helps in mitigating supply chain risks effectively. In recent times, AI chatbots have evolved as a vital technology used to deliver a competitive edge to enterprises across multiple industries, including supply chain management. 

AI chatbot can benefit a logistics company in two ways:

  • Enhancing customer-facing operations
  • Automating supply chain operations

Here are some of the ways in which Kapture Chat (AI chatbot, live chat, and a hybrid AI application) can increase productivity and efficiency in the supply chain operations of your enterprise. 

  1. Provides round-the-clock, contextual support 

Customer service is commonly overlooked in the supply chain management space. Since logistics and the entire supply chain are internally operated, many enterprises do not make the efforts to streamline the outgoing communication.

Traditional means of communication create communication gaps, leaving customers as well as internal members not aware of product information, delivery updates, etc. Conversational AI can solve this problem on multiple levels. 

  • Easy status tracking – Kapture’s AI chatbot can easily fetch relevant data from different sources and provide information on expected and current delivery status to retailers or customers without any hassle. 
  • Provide 24/7 support – While support agents are limited by work shifts and time zones, an AI chatbot can help you serve your customers better by assisting them at any point of the day. Whether it’s order management, payment queries or a product query, the bot can handle customer interactions round the clock and provide meaningful solutions to customers. 
  • Cross-sell – You can leverage Kapture’s machine learning-powered chatbot to effectively cross-sell your products to retailers and end customers. If the conversational AI bot integrates with the CRM, it can understand the customer’s buyer persona and provide product recommendations while it solves customer queries. Such augmented resource allocation helps ensure the customer is retained, engaged, and serviced—all in one go. 
  1. Gain access to valuable insights 

Cutting edge conversational systems like Kapture Chat come with clickable dashboards that allow you to get a bird’s eye view of the entire logistics operations. Instead of spending a lot of time evaluating parameters across the supply chain, analysts and managers can focus on optimizing workflows. This is possible when analyzing the supply chain and flagging the issues is powered by an AI system. 

Kapture Chat can seamlessly interact with your CRM and ERP systems in the backend to fetch actionable insights from third-parties like vendors, retailers, distributors, etc. This helps the conversational AI system have a standard process of analyzing each variable and reporting it. 

  1. Increases visibility into inventory 

In logistics and supply chain management, visibility into all stages of an order is very important. AI is creating more visibility than ever into inventory, turnover, and velocity. With the added conversational abilities, Kapture Chat completes actions through natural language or voice commands making real-time updates on products readily available. 

These are just a few of the use cases of a chat suite in supply management. Should you have any questions or want to know more, book a demo with Kapture Chat. Our experts will take you through a personalized call, explaining how Kapture Chat can add value to your business. 

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