Introducing Kapture Chat Suite

Introducing Kapture Chat Suite
Introducing Kapture Chat Suite
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Kapture CRM recently launched an enterprise-grade intelligent chat system that enables businesses to offer automated and contextual responses to every customer query.

The chat suite is powered by cognitive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP). NLP equips chatbots to understand and mirror human language better, hence taking conversational support to the next level. 

The chat suite can help businesses drastically cut down support costs and still increase ticket resolution volumes with the help of these features:

  1. AI-powered chatbot
  2. Hybrid AI agent
  3. Intelligent chat routing
  4. Easy integration
  5. Insightful reporting

1. AI powered chatbot

Conversational support is now a key part of a business’ ability to offer great experiences to its customers. Earlier a chatbot could only respond to a predefined set of questions. Kapture’s AI chatbot uses machine learning algorithms to contextualize user queries and offer intuitive responses every time.

2. Hybrid AI agent

Chat wait times have to be negligible as customers expect instant help. The hybrid AI agent offers your support team one-click response templates that are auto curated based on historic query resolutions. Agents need to simply – click and send – helping them multitask across several chat conversations and still offer every customer the right response for their query.

3. Intelligent Chat routing

Kapture AI chatbot is aware of queries that require human intervention. When a conversation reaches a point where the bot believes that the customer needs to speak to an agent – it auto routes the chat to the right department. Human agents can then take over the live chat and continue the conversation, helping customers get their queries resolved at the earliest.

4. Easy Integration

The chat suite has been designed to seamlessly integrate with 500+ support and social platforms that are used and loved by companies of all sizes. Everything from CRMs to social platforms to websites to even WhatsApp can be easily integrated with the chat suite.

5. Insightful reporting

The chat suite offers support teams clickable dashboards to view important KPIs. You can offer performance feedback to your agents through real-time monitoring. The real-time chat dashboard can show you the number of chats being handled, the number of chats on hold and the number of chats handled by each agent in real-time.


Kapture CRM helps more than 500 customer-centric companies to offer intelligent and contextual customer support, constantly improving the way they engage with their customers. Kapture chat suite is now being adopted by companies that deal with 1000s of support tickets on a daily basis, shifting the focus from email/phone support to chat support.

Kapture chat suite’s goal is to help enterprises engage with their tech-savvy customers through leaner channels like chat, reduce human dependency and bring down operational costs in the long run.

Click here to talk to our experts and explore Kapture Chat Suite in great detail.

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